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Bad Idea is a Chicagoland based band started by Justin Eberhardt, Daniel Kwiecinski and Matt Trush in late 2015. The band started as a 3 piece band playing mostly cover songs under the name Shadow Of A Doubt. Over time the band decided to expand their group by adding bassist Pat Hutchins. In March 2016 the renamed the group Bad Idea and began playing shows and writing original music. Their new style of music incorporated a more Funk Rock sound as they departed from their Heavy Metal sounds. In June 2016, they worked with producer and engineer Jack McKernan to work on recording their Debut EP Soaked. Soaked was released as a series of singles from September 2016 thru March 2017. They are already writing their first lp album to be released early 2018 for which they re-enlisted Jack McKernan to Engineer and Record the album and Corral Guitarist, Danny Kulasik to Produce.






Justin Eberhardt began playing music when he was eight taking piano lessons and beginning to learn how to write songs. He taught himself to play drums at 10 years old. At age 15 he became obsessed with electronica dance music and focused on synthesizer and drum machine programming. When he turned 16 he began to teach himself to play the guitar and began seriously composing music. He began playing music with his friends Matt Trush and Daniel Kwiecinski and later was introduced to bassist Pat Hutchins. They formed Bad Idea in the winter of 2016. Justin also is a session musician performing and writing with various singer and songwriters.  He also lends his time to pit and live bands as a multi instrumentalist. He also releases music he writes by himself as a solo project.

Pat Hutchins began is musical journey at a young age learning piano. In middle school he joined the school band playing the euphonium playing with MYSO. In his sophomore year of high school he learned to play the trombone. During his senior year of high school he learned the bass guitar to join Matt, Justin, and Daniel to create Bad Idea. He is also the 2nd chair of his schools Jazz 1 Band, Wind Symphony, and Orchestra. Pat has studied under many great musicians as both a brass and a string player. Such players include Professor Dvorak, Randal Ruback, Megumi Kanda, David Shaw, Christopher Madsen and many others. 

Daniel became a musician because when he was a kid he was really close to one of his cousins and noticed he was always playing with some drumsticks. "That was the first time i considered being a drummer and the idea sounded so cool". Daniel joined his grade school band as a percussionist and they had him as a snare drummer. He played drum line in high school, joined jazz and was part of multiple pit bands. When Daniel became apart of Bad Idea, he knew everyone from school and he would hangout with all of them. They all got togeather because of the theatre department at our high school. "We discovered eachothers musical talkents, we put them all together and it created something none of us thought we could pull off." 

Matt Trush has always been interested in music. From a young age he would sing along to music on the radio, or anything he could find in his parents iTunes library, but he would typically drift toward artists like Green Day, Boston, Metallica, or Aerosmith. His earliest steps in making music began by messing around with Garageband, simply by tinkering with the preloaded loops to create songs.  By junior high, he had developed a decent singing voice, played the trumpet, and also picked up an interest in musical theatre.  He performed in his first musical in the 7th grade, and has been developing his voice and stage presence ever since. In high School, He began learning the guitar. He started playing music with Justin and Daniel his senior year, and shortly after the three invited Pat to join them.  They performed their first show in April of 2016, and have been going strong ever since.

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