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Bad Idea Live at "Puck MS" Fundraiser 

Bad Idea donated their time for a great cause, here is their show. 

Bad Idea is a Chicagoland based band started by Justin Eberhardt, Daniel Kwiecinski and Matt Trush in early 2015. The band started as a 3 piece band playing mostly cover songs under the name Shadow Of A Doubt. Over time the band decided to expand their group by adding bassist Pat Hutchins. In March 2016, they renamed the group Bad Idea and began playing shows and writing original music. Their new style of music incorporated a more Funk Rock sound as they departed from their Heavy Metal origins. In June 2016, they worked with producer and engineer Jack McKernan to work on recording their Debut EP Soaked. Soaked was released over a period of time in 2016 to 2017. They are also writing their first lp album to be released in early 2018 for which they re-enlisted Jack McKernan to Engineer and Record the album with Corral Guitarist, Danny Kulasik to Produce.


24 NOV


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